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Also known as Estádio da Luz, Benfica Stadium in Lisbon is home to a popular football team called S. L. Benfica. Opened in 2004, this stadium can accommodate 64,642 fans and has a UEFA Category 4 rating. Designed by architect Damon Lavelle, its polycarbonate roof allows sunlight to brighten the pitch, which earned it the nickname "Stadium of Light." This innovative retractable roof allows events to continue smoothly in any weather. 

Benfica Stadium was built for the UEFA Euro 2004 tournament in Portugal and hosted many important matches, including the final between Greece and Portugal. With 86 major trophies, including 38 Primeira Liga titles and 26 Taça de Portugal wins, you can see the success of the club in the Benfica Museum. On non-match days, you can explore the seating area, dressing rooms, players' tunnel, and pitch.

Thus, Benfica Stadium is a modern attraction with state-of-the-art facilities, which is a must-visit for any football fan.

Why Visit the Benfica Stadium?

  • Rich Sporting Heritage- Benfica Stadium is an important part of Portuguese and European football history. As the home ground for S. L. Benfica, it has hosted many memorable Champions League and international matches.
  • Incredible Atmosphere- Attending a game in the Benfica Stadium is a thrilling experience. With over 64,000 enthusiastic fans, the atmosphere on match days is electric and feels like a carnival.
  • Modern Facilities- Benfica Stadium is designed with modern amenities that make it comfortable and enjoyable for fans. It is a top-notch venue that is unique compared to the different stadiums in Europe.
  • Daily Access- The stadium is open every day, so you can visit even where there is not a match. It allows you to explore the seating areas, the dressing rooms, the players’ tunnel, and even the pitch.
  • Explore the History of Benfica- The stadium also has a museum that highlights the history of the club. You can view the impressive trophy collection, various memorabilia, and interactive exhibits that display the journey and achievements of Benfica.

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What to Do do at Benfica Stadium?

Watch a Football Game

Watching a football match is a must-do experience in Benfica Stadium. As one of the top stadiums in Portugal and entire Europe, it hosts exciting Portuguese league and European games. With over 64,000 fans, the atmosphere becomes lively at every match. You can book tickets for a weekday or weekend game and see the stadium come alive yourself. Champions League games on Tuesdays and Wednesdays are especially thrilling, with top teams from Europe playing here.

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Stadium Tour

 When you go to the stadium on a non-match day when it is less crowded, you can take a stadium tour with your friends and family. During this guided tour, you can see the players’ tunnel, the dressing rooms, and the seating areas. It is a special way to experience the stadium and learn about its history. The tour also gives you a behind-the-scenes look at where the players prepare and play.

Explore the Museum

S. L. Benfica has a long history dating back to 1904, and the museum showcases its journey to becoming one of the top football clubs in Portugal and Europe. When you step inside the museum, you will see the trophy collection and various memorabilia of the club. It also lets you learn about the iconic moments and legendary players that have shaped the story of Benfica. Through the museum, you can immerse yourself in the rich heritage of this historic club and gain a deeper appreciation for its place in football history.

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Shop at the Megastore

If you are a die-hard football fan, you should shop at the Megastore in the Benfica Stadium. S. L. Benfica is a hugely popular club in Portugal and the entire Europe, with fans from different parts of the world. Here, you can find exclusive kits, merchandise, and souvenirs to show your support for the team. From jerseys to scarves, there is something for everyone in this store. It is a great way to take home a piece of the Benfica spirit and remember your visit to the stadium. 

History of Benfica Stadium

Named Estádio da Luz, the current Benfica Stadium has been home to S. L. Benfica since 2004. Before that, the old stadium was known as Estádio de Carnide until 2003. This old stadium was built in 1953, and Benfica played their first game there in December 1954 against their rivals, Porto. They lost that game 3-1, but it marked the beginning of a new era for the club.

Originally, the stadium could seat around 50,000 people. In 1960, its capacity was increased to 80,000. By 1985, further expansions made it the largest stadium in Europe, with over 1,20,000 seats. In 1992, the stadium hosted its only European Cup final, where AS Monaco beat Werder Bremen 2-0.

Later, in the year 1998, the capacity of the stadium was reduced to 78,000 due to a new all-seater design. When Portugal was chosen to host Euro 2004, there was a need for a more modern stadium, which led to the complete demolition of the old stadium in 2003. The new Estádio da Luz opened in 2004 as a modern stadium designed for 21st-century football.

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Where is Benfica Stadium?

Benfica Stadium is situated in Lisbon, Portugal. Its complete address is Av. Eusébio da Silva Ferreira, 1500-313 Lisboa. This stadium is the home of the football team of the country. 

What is Benfica Stadium famous for?

Benfica Stadium is famous for being the home of a popular football team named S. L. Benfica. It is also known for association football matches. You will be surprised to know that it was the venue of the UEFA Euro 2004 tournament that was held in Portugal. 

Why should I visit Benfica Stadium?

You should visit Benfica Stadium to feel the excitement of a match and explore cool areas like the players’ tunnel and dressing room. The stadium lets you explore the heritage of sports in Portugal and the entire Europe. You can enjoy the surreal atmosphere on a match day with over 64,000 people cheering for their favourite teams.

How much does it cost to visit Benfica Stadium?

Visiting Benfica Stadium costs around EUR 11.99 (INR 1,090) per person. At this cost, you can get a guided tour of the largest stadium in Portugal. You can see the press room, and dressing room, and walk through the players' tunnel before visiting the pitch. If you want something extra, you can also visit the Benfica Museum and get a scarf from the official store.

Who built Benfica Stadium?

Benfica Stadium was built by HOK Sports Venue Event, which is a company that is known for designing sports stadiums. There is a unique retractable roof in the stadium that accommodates spectators in diverse weather conditions.  


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